Loaded down with packages I got to the car keeping my right hand somewhat free to reach the keys in my pocket. Carefully searching, I could not find them. So I juggled the entire load to reach them hiding deeply in my left pocket.

When I got home without thinking, alighting from the car, I pushed the key ring with my house keys deeply into my right pocket. I loaded myself down with packages, reached for them again, of course, to find that I had put them in my left pocket. I called my packages, and the world in general, a few bad names as I had to put everything down in the rain to reach into my left pocket. Only, the keys were not there, but exactly where I had put them in the first place, my right pocket.

These minor irritants make life slightly annoying. If I dwell on them, I forget the greatness of life and living. Sure the dropped buttered toast always lands butter side down. Of course, in making a choice of two, I always choose the wrong one. The long line at the bank chosen to be the fastest will always be the slowest. A day that you thought was so full that you would not be able to include even one more event, turns out to be the slowest day you've had in months, a day where everything is cancelled, reversed and rescheduled. That day you had nothing to do fills to a point that the solitude you anticpated is overrun with activity.

So what happened to cause these changes and minor difficulties? I could say the Devil, certainly not God! Probably neither! I want to provide a profound answer. I have none, except to say, "Rejoice in the day. You are alive! If these are the only kind of interruptions that you expereince, you are blessed." I am glad for the missed traffic lights, all twelve in a row. It affirms my humaness and my linkage to an imperfect world.

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