A broken rib really hurts. It hurts to blink and don’t you dare cough. Minor body parts hurt too when injured. Ankles sprained toes stubbed thumbs cut kidneys with stones really hurt. On a scale of 1 to 10 and broken ribs are off the charts.

I have no first hand experience with the pain of childbirth, nor will I ever. I have been told, sometimes with anger, that nothing else compares. I accept what I am told on this matter.

Now brains are another issue. Are there no pain receptors in the brain? What about arteries? I mean the actual blood vessel. The physician pushed a tube in my heart to open an artery. I felt some pressure, but no pain.

Don’t you think that brains and arteries are as important as ribs and toes?

“She broke my heart“

“That makes my brain hurt“

“It just killed my spirit“

Heads and hearts. They kill when they quit. I have never heard of some dying of a stubbed toe. We are compelled to fix the little things because if we don’t it hurts even more. The big thing make us hurt in other places so doctors have to chase down the source. When my shoulder and arm hurt, it could be my heart. All of this so irrational. Why can’t big important things really hurt little things hurt a little or not at all?

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