It was bad. The lady who couldn't quit coughing in the seat to my left had a more interesting dialogue. The pretentious woman behind me kept saying that the lead actress looked so much like her famous father, whom she assured everyone in earshot that she was acquainted with. And that tongihts actress was supberb.

It is truly hard to be superb in a play with a weak supporting cast with an even weaker idea for settings and costumes.

I left at the first opportunity I got. I am almost certain the coughing lady still coughed, the pompous woman still  reinforced her worth to all who would listen because she knew some one famous .

I reminded my self that, “This is my movie and everyone else is in it “. So I simply decided to end the play, not redo it or revise it in any way. Nope, not even one do over.

This a play was directed  by Morpheus. I chose Tylenol P.M.

It’s cheaper and doesn’t require me to show up.

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