I want to see how my movie turns out. That anyone would deliberately check and and leave the theater before the movie ends is unimaginable to me. Yet people do it. There have been so many great endings. Scarlett O’Hare says, “Oh well , tomorrow is another day.“. Bogie says to Claude Rains, in Casablanca , ” Louie, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship”. Did you expect those endings? Even Jason Bourne leaves us wondering whether he will come back. I hope he does.

Some people believe that their lives are just bad movies so they fast forward and end their lives by their own hand. They miss the best part, the end. How will your movie turn out? Do the good guys win? Does the girl get the boy? Who gets the last laugh? Whodunit? For me that is major incentive to stay for the end.

I occasionally remind friends and acquaintances that if they hear that I committed suicide, I was murdered. I don’t plan to skip the final scene.

Remember Monty Python’s Flying Circus? In one skit John Cleese walks to center stage and says as the theme music plays, “ This is the end. The show is over“ and exits. He soon returns and says,”Oops, Sorry we still have a little time left now this really the end“. Then he exits a second time. He quickly reappears for the third time And says, “Finally this end “ I waited for him to come back one more time while I viewed the credits. And the joke was on the viewers. What fun!

So don’t miss the end. You will never know how your life turns by walking out before the credits.  Wouldn’t you want to see who got the credits? Stick around. The end could surprise you. You might even have the last laugh even if the joke is on you.

Copyright © W. Cooper Murphy 2008 All rights reserved.