A boy on his bicycle hurries by. He’s trying to out run the message in the sky. A storm is coming.

He isn’t succeeding. It begins to sprinkle. I had a choice to water or wait. The garden begged me to give it the life it needed.

I waited. Did it rain enough for the squash, the zucchini, and the tomatoes? They know and will tell me very soon.

Funny we run to avoid the rain, while plants hope for wetness. Me? I rather prefer the greenness.

Let it pour! The boy can find cover Or just dry off later. Here he comes again, still in the rain. Perhaps he wasn’t trying to stay dry after all.

I remember those days when we played outside as it poured. Free fun. Just playing. When did I quit that? Now fun costs so much and isn’t even that much fun.

But I see a boy outside who hasn’t forgotten that getting rained on is fun.

Take me back to that time .

Copyright © W. Cooper Murphy 2008 All rights reserved.