I love Ruth, the Old Testament character who left all to return to her dead husband’s mother’s homeland. That must have been a hard decision, but important beyond belief.

We step in the future not seeing the way of the consequences. We choose, choices were made. Most of the time, choices just happen without us ever seeing that a choice was made; little decisions and long range consequences.

Ruth moved; fell in love and remarried. She became an ancestor of Jesus. She gleaned in the fields of Boaz, picking up the spillage from the workers, willing to work for the leftovers of the harvest.

Boaz , the owner of all the fields, saw her, was struck be her beauty, and fell in love from afar. He told his workers to let a little extra spill for her. They did as they were told. She willingly picked up the extras.

What a lesson! The One who loves you allows the extra spillage from an already bountiful harvest. You only have to work to receive it. There is no reward without the labor, no extra for greed, just out of love and your need. 

I have held this truth in my heart for so long that it is now part of me.

Often the humanity in me asks for extra spillage even when I don’t need it. I pray that I be given the opportunities to work in fields with rich harvests.

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