I ease back into a comfortable chair to enjoy the smell of salt and the surf.

I am aware of the mixed music of semitropical birds. I see the routine of the  morning being performed by those responsible for my comfort.

There’s a little movement by the hotel guests. They pick up a newspaper and deliver cups of coffee to loved ones already at the pool who are staking out places for the day.

Here and there a lone bird circles around the beginning of activity saying nothing of importance about life. Flying for the fun of it.

Now here are some people already coming back from the beach. It’s only 8am. A few more people follow a woman and man, two small children and somebody's mother. Why do they return so soon? If I cared I'd ask. I don't care. This morning I start the day with a refelction on the soft and ease of the early morning and a prayer for myself.

Copyright © W. Cooper Murphy 2008 All rights reserved.