As summer slips away and fall filters in ,there is the certain approach of the cold. Today I listen to the wholesome sounds of a high school band practicing while fog still lingers and the ground is damp from early morning dew. The feel of fall lulls you to sleep because of the extraordinary beauty, fall flowers, magnificently colorful trees, cornfields, yellowed after this year’s crop, and pumpkins .

Ah yes, the big orange things which remind us that Halloween is upon us.

Lovely !

Waiting just around the calendar is Winter, like a ghost ready to jump out and say “Gotcha!!” when we don’t expect it or want it.

Spring is so far away. Shall we run from the cold to the warmth, like snow birds hiding out in Florida, or shall we tough it out, clearing away the ice and snow and paying ever higher heating bills? What does it take to make it to April?

I like the change of seasons. I just don’t like fall to winter .

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