You can look at the same things differently each time you see them.  The old drab and familiar become new, strange and exciting when you change your attitude.  Sometimes attitude just changes.  Sometimes you will the change.  Either way, the material world did not change. It is you.  It is me.  It is because, I’m not sure.

That job you hated or loved last week is the best or worst of times.  I wish I could see what this change really looks like.  Does it have a color?  Maybe the color is off the visual spectrum.

Does it make a sound when it starts to kick in?  If it were audio, we could know when it was happening in us and others. I think it would be a terrible distraction for a public speaker to hear his audience change their attitude either way - some moving toward him; others away.

We paint.  We wallpaper. We remodel. All to change our environment

We love. We leave. We love again.  The heart is a hunter for a fuller life.

Without these changes, whether we reinvent only in our minds, or in the physical world around us, life becomes boring beyond belief.

I guess I do some of all of it.  Change of attitude, positive or negative is the real stuff of life. And, I’m not so sure that changing the physical environment is the easiest of all choices.  I believe that to live in the freshness of a positive outlook of ordinary things sets men and women apart of the ordinary. 

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