What happens when I do not forgive? Holding on to old hurts only locks up areas of potential. It limits me, not those who hurt me, not those that I do not forgive .

I know that forgiveness is empowering. I have always known this and still I do not act on it . Why is this so difficult when I know it is true? I no longer have to avoid the real and perceived hurts that close areas of potential for me. It’s like going out of the way to avoid something unpleasant thereby making a journey longer more arduous . It takes more time to get ahead if ever I do get there. It’s not as smooth or as simple.

I just clear a path for myself when I forgive the past. If I forgive those who have really hurt me, they no longer can hurt me and thus no longer control my life. It’s freedom that I need and deserve.

There is a new spring in my steps. I don’t need to step around anything. I can bound forward like a hungry fox in a snowy field chasing its prey. That leap is joyful.

Why did I wait so long for what I knew all along was the best behavior for growth and well being and my ultimate happiness? Goodbye to grief. Hello to the light of this good and new day. PTL

November 18 , 2008

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