A southern gospel song speaks of the steadfast trust that God has in us. The words remind us of the past and paths that we have chosen and been directed to. All we’ve been is us at our best and our worst and everything else in-between. The message is that in the face of it all, God has been there loving us as we were and as we are.

“For all you’ve been through.” Sickness and health, joy and grief, excitement and boredom. That same constant is still there in changing times and circumstances. Do we feel close to God? It doesn’t matter. He is still there and maintains love for us. It is not predicated on situations or circumstances, but in all cases and for all times.

 I do not expect all I am or all I do will always accomplish much in the world’s eyes. I do know that when I come to a break in this trip that we call our life that there will be a well of pure fresh water prepared for my needs beside the road for all I’ve been and all I’ve been through.

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