For several years, I added a “final note’’ to a newsletter that I pulled together for some special people. I thought these messages were so profound. I stole from many writers and sources and occasionally wrote my own. These bits of prose and poetry seemed to speak what was important to me at the time. Their importance was personal. Reading some of them a few days ago brought back where I was when I shared them. I was stirred to think “Do you suppose that these “final notes'' had any meaning for anyone but me?

I am sure just as many missed my messages. I, too, have missed their final notes. I often did not grasp their significance. Jacque Brel will never have the importance to me as to my friend, Les.

Why do some messages from the past still stir us? The lessons learned from Melville’s great white whale, or the four score and seven years ago of Lincoln, or the “Thou shall not’s” of Moses are messages from the heart and soul of the writers to tell us where they were at the time. They still evoke emotions in us today.

My final notes were shared with many people. Did meaning get conveyed? I can only hope so.

I plan to continue to write notes. The “ final” I plan to drop. It was never intended to be the end. It was only an expression of where I was on the page, not the end of my thoughts. 

NOTE: Very little is ever final. The process continues, changes and becomes what speaks clearly today. Perhaps another day it will mean little to me, but it might capture you.

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