Each day of the week has a set of emotions associated with it for me.

My favorite morning is Thursday. It’s the time when the “Weekender” appears in the newspaper. You look forward to weekend plans that you have made. You know that you are almost done with the demands of the week of work.

It’s my favorite night to eat out and stay up late. Sure there is Friday, but Hey! - it’s Friday the TGIF day. Anticipation of life is part of the joy. Cervantes said it well, “The road is better than the inn”. Getting there is fun.

Sounds kind of silly to hang importance on the calendar, but it works for me.

Tuesdays, now that’s a different matter. They come along and drag you through the day not offering even the promise of tomorrow.  They are lonely days and nights. I wonder if suicides can be tracked by days of the week.  On which day do more people kill themselves - I’ll bet its Tuesday.

So here’s my ranking from top to bottom:

1.      Thursday

2.      Friday

3.      Saturday

4.      Monday

5.      Sunday

6.      Wednesday

7.      Tuesday

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