I heard it well before I could locate the source. The simple “cheep-cheep” was not the sound of happy adult songbird. I went to find it. I did .Now what? It was a robin too big for the nest, but not big enough to get back up the 30 feet it needed to be home.

So here you are little bird. You are not just out on a limb, but on the ground unable to fly. I decided to figure something to do to help. Rescue it and try feeding it the worms and insects that it had been eating from its mother’s mouth? It would still no doubt die. Should I leave it like the Runaway in one of Robert Frost’s poems.” who ever left him out of stall and bin,” in this case nest “ ought to be told to come and take him in “ No such person or creature existed. It would still die.

Should I pray for its mother to come? She did, but the task was too great for her to perform. Desire and concern were not enough to accomplish what had to happen. I decided to process several course of action like game theory.

Rescue it – Bird dies Leave it- Bird dies Pray- Bird dies Wait –Bird dies

Let the cat out – Bird dies, but the cat has fun Outcome = Bird dies.

Sometimes despite our best intentions, the bird dies. I didn’t cause the problem. I may want to fix it. Wishing things to be different doesn’t fix it no matter how smart, committed, and resourceful I become.

There have been many problems along the way like that, just too late to fix. So the bird has died. I do know that I’ll be more careful not make the same kind of mistake that the little bird made and hope for some miracle. Perhaps I’ll check out that corner of my yard today looking for a dead baby robin. Maybe not. I just might not want to know.

Copyright © W. Cooper Murphy 2008 All rights reserved.