Cut flowers in the house make a home so much warmer. They are already dying and soon will need to be tossed to the compost pile. In the meantime, they require a lot of attention, but what beauty they provide. They tell others that we care about our home. It is a wonderful touch for our home.

Succulents need lots of water too, but not so much attention. The aloe plant is a quick remedy for minor burns and scrapes. It soothes. You wouldn’t think of using a cactus for this healing.

Cactus plants put out no healing qualities and colorful beauty isn’t constant like cut flowers. They survive, even thrive in adverse environments. A cactus needs water too however sometime, not much and not often, but some.

So maybe I am a cactus. I can’t heal like some. Certainly I am not beautiful. I do serve some purpose to add to austere surroundings. I don’t need much attention, but I do need some. If you stop to smell the roses, put a little water on my roots. I will bloom and add to the beauty of this world

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