The planning committee met to discuss the upcoming Jr.-Sr. banquet. We didn't have dances in my school. No one questioned it. It was in the church manual. "Thou shalt not dance." It would have been heresy to suggest otherwise. We didn't even consider it. A banquet was to be our substitute.

We talked about flowers. "Should we permit boys to buy girls "corsages"? Since many in our school were poor and often couldn't afford meals, this was not a strange question to discuss. For we knew that high school kids couldn't stand to be different. It was too embarassing. So if we left it open, some would buy flowers, some would who couldn't afford it and some wouldn't. They would stay home, avoid having a date or square with the assurance that they were second class citizens. The decision ws no corsages.

I meant to say, "Can't the boys at least wear a flower in their button hole?" What I said was, "Can't the boys at least wear a flower in their butt holes?" There was a deadly silence. No one dared to laugh out loud. I cried. Today I laugh.

A flower in your butt hole might not be too bad. It might be just the thing to expose the false security of religious dogma and teenage conformity. Wouldn't God laugh out loud at that? I think all would have a good laugh except the stupid kid who bought a rose. Ouch!

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