Can’t see the top of the mountain for all the clouds? Are your sure it is there?  You never doubt that because you believe.

Does the bottom of a lake exist?  Ever seen it or been there? Yet you are sure it’s there.  It is easy to believe in the invisible & obvious, logic says it’s so.

Why do you find it so hard to believe in the assurances that all things work together for the good of the believers? You’ll of course see it when you believe it.  I would be the silliest man if I said, “Nope that mountain doesn’t have a peak because I can’t see”.

In cloudy times and murky waters, we doubt the sure and certainty of God’s promises to us.  I think we don’t see the front side of the weaving let alone the complicated backside.

As I grow older, I become less easily impressed with wonders and miracles.  It must be a fake because “things just don’t work like that.”  Have you forgotten the time when as a child you believed everything because your parents said so?  They, of course, were wrong sometimes. But is God every wrong?  Never!

So put your hope in the unseen mountaintop and the bottom of the lake.  They are there. So is the promise of God, our promise. “Lo, I am with you…”

Copyright © W. Cooper Murphy 2008 All rights reserved.