I am really glad that I am not Art Buchwald or Dorothy Parker, aside the fact that they are dead. People would be waiting around for me to say something terribly profound or witty. Even when lines which have been written, rehearsed and spoken by me, when quoted, would be a burden. I can see myself trying to say the right thing at the right time. I rather prefer not even thinking of a good come back after the argument is over. Finding a good argument too late is worse than not thinking of one at all. I’d rather wait for the moment instead of the moment waiting for me to come up with the profundity of the ages.

“ The fox shall come out of the woods and play with the dog”. I once dreamed that this was the great truth that the world had awaited. In front of 2 billion people worldwide I went on stage with that ultimate truth. I delivered the line expecting that change for good would come instantly. People just said, “ What did he say?” I quietly left the stage.

I don’t think that I have the “Truth”. I do believe that occasionally I get it, but not before most of the rest of the people of the ages.

So here goes my truth today ---

All I know is  I need , want and crave your love, affection and respect. In return I give that to you .   

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