Dear Dad ,

             Where to begin? I wanted to write something to let you know how much I appreciate you just being yourself. Just because I am going away, and not even that far, and things are going to be different, it doesn’t  mean that everything has to change. You will always be my dad and I will always need you around.

You have been a great inspiration me my entire life. From seeing the neighborhood where you grew up and how you made it out, I have learned to believe that I can accomplish amazing things just as you have. I know that you worked hard all your life and now thanks to you and my mom, I don’t have as much work ahead of me. In addition, your reverberating phrase, “Do your best ‘’, was the most valuable piece of advice that I have ever been given.   I can’t tell you how much it has influenced me.

I know when I was born it was kind of like starting a new life for you since you already had three grown kids. I’m glad that I’ve been able to keep you young. Not every girl has a dad that’s experienced the type of things that you have. I think that we have a unique relationship and you have taught me so much. I remember thinking that you literally knew everything when I was little.

I also want to thank you again for being my supporter –always in academics, athletics, and in life, even during the hardest times when we were both sad. You did everything you could to make sure that I was taken care of. You gave me a nice place to come home to and it will always be Home in my eyes. You gave me food on the table too, even if it did contain bacon bits. Most importantly, you always loved me and I feel safe when I am under your care.

I will miss your company in college: the funny hello nights, the Barry White songs, classical music on Sunday mornings, garage sale junk, Margaret Merchno, and everything that epitomizes Dad. But I am not gone forever. I know now that the time has come for me to get some distance, but I promise you will hear from me on some Sunday nights when I know that you get a little lonely. I’ll be home for breaks and summer and we’ll pickup right where we left off.

I just hope that you understand that you will always be in my heart no matter where we go or what happens I love you. Say good night not goodbye.        Amanda Joy

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